How much money do you have? The most expensive property for sale in the Czech Republic is on the market!

Prices for the most expensive real estate in the Czech Republic have dropped. A private villa in the exclusive Bubeneč district of Prague, filled with embassies and government buildings, offers amenities not found anywhere else in the country, with a price tag of CZ500,000,000 (500 million Czech korunas).

Yulia Romanenko, the wife of a former representative of Lukoil, is selling the property. apartments

On the outside, the house appears to be a traditional looking early 20th-century style house with elements of Czech Cubism, but it was constructed only 10 years ago.

At the moment, the front yard and garden are overgrown, with garbage-filled glass in the entry gate. Dark green cloth on the exterior fence makes it difficult to see the property from the outside. However, should the debris be cleaned up, it would look impressive again.

elegant bohemian cottage

For sale in Bubeneč is a side view of the villa.

Karel Svolinský's First Republic villa was demolished to make room for the new building. The villa's original structure was to have been restored and expanded, but that didn't happen.

The inside of the building was constructed to draw attention to opulence. The marble and mahogany walls and ceilings are all over the building. The crystal used to make chandeliers is from France. Semi-precious stones such as amethyst and pink onyx are used in the flooring. Clive Christian is the furniture and furnishings designer for this project. His designs for kitchens in particular, as well as operating Clive Christian Perfume, are widely known.

On the first floor of the villa there is a large living room that looks out to a landscaped garden, and also a dining room and a kitchen with Sub-Zero brand appliances. There are five bedrooms, three large walk-in closets, and four luxurious bathrooms on the second above-ground floor.

An impressive villa in Bubeneč is available for sale.

This third floor's study has a kitchenette and a terrace with an entrance on it. There are two levels below the garden, one of which can be used for a wellness center, sauna, or gym, or as a home for another family.

Every single room in the villa is computerized and called the Smart House. An ultra-modern security system includes a Swarovski crystal-covered control panel. Fingerprint recognition is used for the entry instead of keys, and each room is equipped with a 360-degree camera.

Because Romanenko has fallen on hard times, the building is for sale. Mladá fronta Dnes reports that a Czech-Russian company named Izba has entered into liquidation.

Neither the Bubeneč villa nor an apartment on Veleslavínova Street, also owned by Romanenko, have been seized as part of the investigation.

There was some interest on the part of the Chinese company CEFC in making an investment in the villa five years ago, but the deal fell through. After a 50 million CZK deposit from CEFC was not returned, the deal was ended in litigation.

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