Povlsen retains the richest crown of Scots!

Danish landowner and business leader Anders Povlsen remained at the top of Scotland's rich list following over £1.2 billion in the past year of his wealthy ballon.

The owner of the Edinburgh building, Jenners, also has a 25 percent stake in the Asos online fashion chain which saw its value rocket after acquiring several brands such as Top Shop and Miss Salfridge from the collapsed Arcadia group of Sir Philip Green. pearl apartments

Most of Mr Povlsen's riches come from the fashion retailer in Denmark, Bestseller, which owns amongst others the Jack & Jones and Vera Moda brands.

Mr Povlsen is a major landowner in Scotland with an interest focusing on the 43,000-acre Cairngorms property of Glenfeshie. He has 12 further estates in the country and is a prominent supporter of rehabilitation – enabling the recovery of indigenous species, including indigenous forests and animal species. He owns the Castle of Aldourie in the Highlands.

In a record-breaking UK list of 171, up 24 by 2020, he is one of ten billionaires linked to Scotland, an increase that is record despite the broader financial impact of the pandemic year after year. The combined wealth of 171 UK billionaires is GBP 597 269 billion, up GBP 106 582 billion, or 21.7 per cent, from last year's Rich List total wealth.

For Glenn Gordon and the family, owners of the Willian Grant & Sons whiskey business, Lockdown proved also lucrative. The family had gains of £409 million in the last year to raise it to £3,595 billion.

The distillery from Moray owns brands including Grants, Glenfiddich and Milagro tequilla.

Another £1 trillion winner last year is the Indian pharmaceutical company Biocon, run by John and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, lifting the couple's wealth to under £3 billion and third on the Scottish Rich List.

Whisky Glenfiddich

The Glenfiddich brand family saw their wealth grow.

Glaswegian Mr Shaw and his wife who set up the company in the late 1970s have 60% of Biocon, 20% higher than previously thought, which accounts for the bulk in the Scottish Rich List of this year.

There are 14 Scots or people who have a connection with Scotland among the 250 richest people in the UK this year.

The richest person in Great Britain is Sir Len Blavantnik, a dual citizen of Great Britain and the United States who was born in Ukraine. His company owns most of Warner Music and also immobilizes, chemicals and telecommunications interests. He also has his own philanthropic foundation. This year's wealth increased from £7.2 billion to £23 billion.

He moves up from fourth and replaces British inventor Sir James Dyson, who gained £100 million this year (£16.3 billion) to the top.

Again, the alleged billionaire Doug Barrowman and his wife Lady Michelle Mone have no place in the Rich List. The Glaswegian company based on Isle of Man owns the Knox Group of firms, has six homes, a collection of 15 cars and a private jet, but is not on the Rich List.

Author J K Rowling, valued at £820m this year, is getting ever closer to the status of a billionaire. She would certainly have already been a billionaire but for her philanthropy and her determination to remain a tax resident in the United Kingdom.

The Sunday Times Giving List calculates that in the last two decades it gave away at least £166m. It is the 42nd largest donor this year, based on £24 million in charitable donations tracked in the past year alone.

England and Manchester United football star Marcus Rashford has completed a record year of donations in the Gifting List.

Rashford, with a personal value of £16m, has become the youngest person on the list of philanthropy by raising £20m of supermarkt donations to groups dealing with child food poverty in the United Kingdom.

For the first time, total listed donations exceeded £4 trillion and the previous year saw a 36 percent increase of £3.2 trillion to more than £4.3 billion by 2020.

Along with the help of the charity FareShare, Rashford, 23, distributed four million foods during the pandemic to vulnerable children.

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